Dave Munnelly & Shane mc Gowan Folk in’t Stad in Antwerpen

vrijdag 24/01/2014

In hedendaagse normen qua publiciteit is het woord ‘Topniveau’ zelfs hier een tekortkoming. Twee grootmeesters van het Ierse genre. Triple distilled. Ja, een destilaat van de Dave Munnelly Band pur sang.
Zin in een wedstrijd Mayo vs. Sligo? Dit is uw moment!

Dave Munnelly: Accordeon (Niamh Parsons’ the Loose Connections, The Chieftains, De Danann, …)
Shane mc Gowan: Guitar (Slide, Geraldine Mc Gowan ,John Carty Festival band, Dave Munnely Band)

info verkregen van de muzikanten zelf:

Shane mc Gowan comes from an area in south Sligo known as lavagh. He comes from a musical family and started at an early age, giving his first public performance at the age of 5. His father, Harry is a well-known flute player from the area and was a big influence on him teaching him whistle and flute.
Shane started playing guitar in his teens and was very interested in playing Irish music as well as rock swing and
Jazz. He joined Dave and the band in June 2010.
Other bands he has guested in are Slide, Geraldine Mc Gowan and lately the John Carty Festival band.

David Munnelly from Belmullet, Co. Mayo, now living in Utrecht. David is known for his colorful style, which inhales bold bass fingerings, complex arrangements and modern compositions; and exhales hints of the Roaring 20′s and the energy of a box of dynamite coupled with a masterful knack for letting a tune take its own time for a completely unmistakable and brilliant sound. This unique style led David into the world of professional musicianship where early in his career he became a full-time member of Niamh Parsons’ band the Loose Connections. Amongst others including The Chieftains, De Danann, Gerry O Connor, Arty McGlynn to name but a few.
After gaining ample experience and knowledge from his exceptional peers, David formed the David Munnelly Band in1999 and began a thirteen year journey with his own band touring Europe, America and Japan and recording four critically acclaimed CD’s. Recently David has expanded his repertoire to mainland Europe where he is currently working on several new projects. Along with the most respected accordion players in Europe, David currently performs with the Accordion Samurai, who’s debut CD has won numerous high-profile awards. Additionally, David anticipates the release of a duo CD with Mick Conneely later in 2012.

tickets: leden 8 euro / niet leden 10 euro
alle info omtrent onze activiteiten: http://www.folkintstad.be

Folk in’t Stad
Kunstencentrum Den Beulebak
Sint-Nicolaasplaats 10
2000 Antwerpen

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