TradTöchter: Hanami-Kirschblütenfest (online)

  • vrijdag 16 april 2021 (19:30)

TradTöchter (= trad daughters) – that means traditional songs, own dance compositions and electrifying arrangements for fiddle and five string fiddle.

The two german violinists love traditional dance tunes as much as newly written dance music, and play both for the joy of dancers and listeners. Stirring own compositions join with virtuosic arrangements of traditional tunes and songs. Yes, the two musicians bring not only instrumental music to ballrooms and concert halls, gently and wildly do they trall and sing of cravings, golden rings, the wide ocean, wild excesses and rotten apples.

The duo started in March 2016 and charm their audience, make ears dance and feet listen. The music of these two violinists will let you experience the striking power music can have.

  • Vivien Zeller – fiddle, voc
  • Ursula Suchanek – five string fiddle, voc