Nashville Bum in Café Rood-Wit in Berchem (om 20u)

30 april 2019

za 25/5/19: 20.00-22.00: Jenn Paches Walk softly and carry a big stick

Meet Jen Paches and in absentia – her brother Rob Anarchoustic Classic Core with a twist Some say Jen was raised by Wolves in the Great Canadian North and to see her perform gives creedance to this Lore. What is known for sure is that she has a degree in composition/theory and performance, has one full-fledged Opera and a second Eco Terra -ist Opera in the works, 5 original CD’s, a children’s story book/cd and an internationally acclaimed Instrumental CD. “There aren’t many artists whose fans include ‘classical music icons’, ‘hard-core rockers’, ‘new-agers’ and artistic directors of folk festivals”, “Yes yes and a big definite yes” that was just one show the press saw, “Jen mesmerizes adults and children alike with her energy and musicality”. The piano is at the centre of what she does and its a loving relationship, to this she often adds impassioned vocals, a drum kit, the harmonica, sometimes a guitar and a rubber rat named Matilda. As cliche as it may sounds, Jen truly has to be seen and heard to be believed. She has toured nationally and internationally for over 20 years. Her Love of music is obvious, Many of her songs are co-written with her brother Robert, ‘The Poet’. This winning combination has culminated & captivated and pushes the limits to what people think should be. JR Paches is a force to be reckoned with, walk softly and carry a big stick.

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Podiumcafé Rood-Wit, Generaal Drubbelstraat 42, 2600 Berchem