Pull in den Hopsack in Antwerpen

donderdag 20/04/2017


Teis Semey: gitaar
Alistair Payne: trompet
Brodie Jarvie: contrabas
Guy Salamon: drums

This Amsterdam based bandleader-less quartet unites four composers and musicians into one. Releasing the album “Pull A String – A Puppet Moves” on Loumi Records, Pull would like to invite you to come and celebrate music with them.
A tour-de-force through vivid soundscapes, ecstatic sonorous eruptions,
screaming stillness and contemplative soul-cleansing.

It is a rare sight to see a collaboration like this one; Alistair Payne (trumpet) provides a sound of intimate complexity that matches Teis Semey’s music (guitar) ringing of loud and epic reflexive themes and songs. Together with the meditative and lyrical writing of Brodie Jarvie (double bass) and the folk-like songs by Guy Salamon (drums), the group binds together in burning intensity and passion for music and interplay.



Vrije bijdrage

Den Hopsack, Grote Pieter Potstraat 24, 2000 Antwerpen



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