Workshop Georgian polyphonic singing in Antwerpen

1 december 2018

8/9 december 2018 Workshop Georgian polyphonic singing with Levan Bitarovi Member of Ensemble Adilei (Tbilisi, Georgia)
hours 10.00 till 16.00
Place: Antwerp Belgium
Price: 130€ ( 1 day 70€)
More info contact: eb.tu1614852452ottra1614852452@ofni1614852452 or call 0032 (0)486.14.09.73

Nice gathering at Anne Hoefmans place:

Some Videos of Workshops by Levan:

Ensemble Adilei will come next year to Belgium

Ensemble Adilei hails from the republic of Georgia, and consists of nine members, who can be found singing absolutely everywhere, all the time. While all of them have chosen different professions (from medicine to computer science), what they have always shared is a passion for the Georgian polyphonic tradition.

The ensemble is based in Tbilisi (Georgia’s capital) but most of the singers have roots in the province of Guria (in Western Georgia), which is why a big part of their repertoire comes from there.

Guria is home to the most complicated and colorful form of Georgian polyphonic folk singing. Gurian songs devote equal ‘attention’ to all voice parts, providing them with non-parallel, unique lines of melody that come together at certain points only to diverge again. Guria is also famous for the unique technique of Krimanchuli, a rhythmic yodel, which (like all the other voice parts) can vary and change as much as each singer wishes during any performance.

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